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Kalacam is a high-tech brand in Shenzhen, China. It is an independent brand focusing on action cameras and accessories.

With the concept and start point of ‘innovation, quality and service’, we brings high-quality and Innovative products for outdoor sports lovers. 

Kalacam is deeply loved and sought after by both domestic and foreign customer. We are striving to be the best brand of action cameras.

Our Slogan: Capture & Share everything exciting moment. 

Why we design and create kalacam action camera? 

1. Ordinary action camera are not as shock resistant.

Hundreds of thousand action cameras broke every year.

A customer needs several accessories to protect their action camera. A shock-resistant action camera should be par for the course.

2. Ordinary action camera are not waterproof.

As outdoor sport related to water, like surfing, swimming, rafting, snorkeling, divng etc. Currently most of the action camera needs a extra waterproof housing to be used in the water. We think action cameras should be waterproof without the housing. 

3. Ordinary action camera do not float but sink down in water.

Many action cameras are lost every year by sinking to the bottom of the ocean, lake, etc. We set out to create a camera that can float on the water, so that you never have to worry about losing your camera and your memories with out product. 

With these three pain points, the Kalacam R&D team has been working hard to find a solutions and believe we’ve designed a action camera that will help the users solve the above problems.

In June 2016, we began a new challenge, a new journey, and we began working hard to design this product.

After two years later, the Kalacam R&D team has continuously improved over 100 times and conducted more than 1,000 experiments and tests. Kalacam, the world's first spherial floating waterproof action camera finally came out. 

About Kalacam

Kalacam will help you capture & share every exciting moment. 


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